[ vegetarian improvisational peasant fusion cuisine for the 22nd century ]

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the internet is happy to get you a copy of cooking com bigode, second edition. if you are unhappy with the internet and want to get a copy locally, we have a list of stores that carry the book. however, due to issues of scale, volume, density, and astronomy, we don't have the book in too many stores.

the second edition features the same tested recipes by ankur shah and a new cover design by chris gregori.

there is also a new index and glossary! To make your life (slightly) easier.

as always, our philosophy is "all you can eat / pay what you can". that's right, there is no fixed price for this cookbook. it's an experiment in giving, just like the O Bigode restaurant was!

this has been confusing in the past. basically it means we think the book is so worth it that paper dollars shouldn't stand in or out of your way. we still want them, naturally, because we had to spend them, but what we really want is for you to read the book, give it to your mother, etc.

to make things easier, we recommend 15 US dollars for the second edition, plus a couple of dollars for shipping. that's because a lot of people get lost without a recommendation. but the point here is not how much you pay, but rather, to think about the process of value and exchange a little bit more. to that end, feel free to contact us anytime to ask questions or verify if the amount you're giving is really okay.

if you have any more questions about the "economy of the gift" pricing process (ie, the future), explore them in the FAQ.

we are also most interested, naturally, in getting the recipes and the LOVE out to the people, and will be randomly sending out bonus copies (for you to give away, not for your collection). Many, Many, Many people tell us that cooking com bigode makes a Great, Great, Great gift, so you may want to order various copies at once. hint. like, say, ten!

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if you have a check and/or money order

    Ankur Shah
    83 Lost Meadow
    Sequim, WA 98382

is the address you're looking for.

the Special Sauce package is for people who have seen the cookbook and understand its dire beauty. the Special Sauce package gets you 10 books, allowing you to give or sell various copies to local bookstores, libraries, schools, bars, internet cafes, etc.

we recommend sending a letter to Ankur or an email to mom@mangolandia.org to set this up, though you can also pay with a credit card and write us a note.

if you don't meet the recommendation send what you can (even if it's just your address). i trust the tides will even out enough that i'll be able to have someone send you a copy before brahma wakes up.

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